FAQ: With Parents & Why this is a bargain.

Isn’t helping them deal with these challenges a parent’s job?

Yes, and no. I 100% agree that offering guidance and support to our children about life’s realities and challenges, is 100% our job as parents. But that guidance and support doesn’t just come from us.

You also have a day job. The one that pays the bills. Unless your career is one spent developing mastery in guiding adolescents across the threshold into adulthood, studying the nuances, trends and idiosyncrasies of the teen social world and youth culture, you probably will run into situations where the help and detail of input they need is beyond the scope of your expertise.

Every parent understands this when it comes to hiring a tutor for calculus or hiring college advisors or investing in SAT test prep courses.

It’s the same concept here, except arguably for learning things far more relevant to long term real life success and happiness.

“Great advice, wrong source”

Having been their age once, you also know that there are times you need to hear things from someone other than your parents… and there are also sometimes things that you just don’t want to talk about with your parents… There are all sorts of developmental reasons for this and most of them are not only completely normal, they are also completely healthy.

So when those times come that they need detailed, nuanced guidance that is beyond your skills, or when they just need someone to talk to other than you, who do you want them to turn to?

… Their friends who know less about life than they do?

…. A psychologist who will do psycho-babble with them?

Or a highly trained and experienced adult who can give them excellent input, guidance and advice? …An adult who is also securely rooted in the core time-tested values that are seminal for leading deeply connected, meaningful and satisfying lives … and who is also 100% available and responsive, often within minutes which is when they need the help – not 14 days later when they can get an appointment with someone on campus.

Fees Investment

This is not a conventional “money for time” arrangement. The work I do is about results. Thus the investment is comprehensive and it comes with a 100% Guarantee.


3 Options:
1. Once scheduled session/call per month with additional 24/7 text and brief phone call availability
2. One session/call per WEEK with additional text and brief phone availability
3. Multiple call/session/check-in per week, with text and phone availability

Fees range from $750 to $2500/month.

Compared to the costs of extra semesters or even years of school that this Mentoring can help avoid, it is a bargain. And RESULTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED.

Struggling College students are the fastest growing demographic in my practice: I get calls from concerned parents multiple times per month. Their daughters and sons are struggling at schools ranging from local Community Colleges to the most prestigious high-pressure schools like Stanford, Dartmouth and Michigan.

This surge in meeting and effectively helping over-stressed, in-over-their-heads college students has inspired me to offer this program.

In the end I want parents who hire me to walk away and say “That was worth every penny” and ideally “It was worth even more!”

Twenty two years in practice. Clients on four continents. 50,000 hours of experience. Hundreds of success stories. Thus a 100% Guarantee.

How does the 100% Guarantee work?


I’m so confident of my track record of helping my clients succeed, that I guarantee the success of anyone I accept into this program, no questions asked. Here’s how my simple guarantee works:

#1: For College Freshman:
If your son or daughter winds up leaving school and not returning for their second semester, for ANY reason of their own doing, I will either:

Completely refund the money you invested in this program with me.

– or if you choose –

Work with him or her in a full Comprehensive Mentoring relationship for the entire next semester at no charge, with the intention of helping them to get on track and launched to success.

#2: FOR ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS: If you son or daughter and parents both feel they received no value from working with me, I will completely refund your investment.

The cost… how do I justify when I am spending $30K-$70K for school tuition for the year?

Colleges offer a 0% Guarantee. If your child goes off and fails, you lose 100% of your investment.

If they wind up needing extra semesters to graduate, you pay out of pocket for these.

34% of Freshman do not return sophomore year.
60% will take longer than four years to graduate (I took five and transferred twice).

Sometimes this is because of finances, not academic performance. But often this is because of struggles that lead to dropping classes, changing majors and all the variables that demand more time in school.

Isn’t it critical that they get as many of these decisions right the first time? That they learn to prioritize academics so they stay on top? That they keep the right mindset so they manage the crunch times of midterms and finals, unlike the constant opportunity to earn points and extra credit and coddling they that they had through high school?

Now consider comparing this investment with a semester of college. $5500 for the College FreshmanFirst Semester plan to as little as $750, versus $15,000- to $35,000 for the additional semesters of college that happen when students fall behind, drop classes, take leaves of absence due to stress (and they do in far greater numbers than people speak of) or when they decide they are at the wrong school and must transfer and are behind in credits.

This little “insurance policy” can pay huge dividends because it helps them stay on track, helps them make better and smarter decisions, helps them manage pressure and helps them avoid the pitfalls that bog down so many of today’s college students.

And I 100% Guarantee my role will have positive value.

Is this for any college student ?

Can it be effective and helpful for all? Probably yes.

But the ones who I know this is for – my unique niche where my work excels and proves to be of extraordinary value, are the ones who are smart, deeper thinking and more sensitive. These kids need a different kind of input, and I have spent 25 years mastering how to help them.

It is not about being an extrovert or an introvert!

The college students I work with run the gamut. Half of them are involved in Greek life and love the camaraderie, constant socializing and the excitement. Half of them want nothing to do with that kinds of social scene, preferring to find a small group of friends and have more time alone to do their own thing.

What they ALL share in common is that they think more, question more and find themselves more sensitive to the various factors that impact their lives – from the vulnerability they feel in their desire to connect intimately with another and ranging, in some cases, to the intensity they feel in reaction to world events and the issues and causes that matter to them.
These are not the kids who just easily let things roll off their backs… they are the ones who care deeply about the things they care about, and while they may succeed socially, academically and even professionally on the outside in all the conventional benchmark ways, on the inside they have a whole world going on that can be remarkably lonely until they learn how to put the pieces together and be the kind of person they are in a world that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to be this way.

They are the ones I excel with… the ones whom they and you will see the most immediate results with… the ones who are best matched for this program and my services.

Is yours one of them?
Contact me to discuss the next steps.

How quickly will my son or daughter hear from you?

College campuses are slammed with requests for mental health counseling from all types of students struggling with all sorts of issues.

Wait times to get appointments on college campuses generally range from fourteen days to over a month. Most restrict these sessions to just six per year. Typically they are just offered a place to “vent” and “be heard”.

In contrast, YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER WILL GET A RESPONSE FROM ME THE SAME DAY, OFTEN WITHIN MINUTES because when I see it is them calling, I answer… when it is them sending a text, I reply as quickly as I can.

With me they will get timely input that effectively does two things:

• Settle back into themselves so they feel confident, focused and ready

• Learn do-able effective solutions to challenges and problems

What help and support do you provide parents?

As much as you want. Just like you son or daughter, you can also call or text me whenever you want and I will make myself available.

While your kids must be able to have their own private relationship with me, you have concerns,requests, questions, etc and I will do my best to support you in this transition and as you make decisions you need to make to best support your new college student.

What do you differently with 1st semester College Freshmen?

First semester College Freshman receive a higher level of input from me, because succeeding and making high quality decisions then is critical to long term success in college. Thus they are on a more comprehensive plan, with at least once per week contact with me.

Other college students can be on a different access plan, so long as I feel I can be effective and the arrangement is made to ensure this.

Thus the initial monthly investment can decrease significantly if you choose to keep me in their lives after the initial successful semester.

Is this Psychotherapy?

This is NOT PSYCHOTHERAPY: 60% of my practice is filled with families who came to me AFTER they spent months and even years in conventional psychotherapy then finally found in what I offer, the help they needed all along.

I do not offer treatment of any kind because 95% of adolescent issues are resolved by learning, growing and maturing, not by being therapized.

I have over 50,000 hours of experience Mentoring youth on their journey to adulthood. The potency of my work is my ability to not only help adolescents get clarity about what they need to do, but to also help them become the person they need to BE to actually Do what it takes.

Talk is cheap. Actions are what matters.

My clients become active initiators in their lives… they develop deep and lasting connections… they develop a mind of their own… and they launch into successful adult lives, careers and all.

Is there a payment plan?

$250 Discount if paid upfront.

Otherwise full fee can be paid in 4 installments of $1375.

I am very flexible with the families I work with, so long as the final payment is made by January 1st.

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