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Empower the college student in your life to hugely succeed in college and beyond

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Empower the college student in your life to hugely succeed in college and beyond

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Empowering the college student in your life
to hugely succeed in college and beyond

Learn The 7 Life Lessons Millennial College Students Wish They’d Known Before They Started School

How to save the college student in your life
from having to learn these critical lessons the hard way:

Introducing College Success Mentoring

with Jeffrey Leiken

We do everything we can to help kids get into college, but nowhere near enough to prepare them to succeed in college. Give your teen a serious edge as they go into this next stage of life.

There is a phenomena happening on college campuses across the nation, one they are not promoting on their websites and on their tours: High achieving high school students are going off to college and struggling immensely.

Don’t let this happen to your daughter or son.

Now offering a premium, masterful Mentoring service for a select group of today’s college students and your daughter or son can participate – and it is 100% Guaranteed to work. 

Jeff’s Mentoring is spot-on, immensely effective and totally customized to work with each individual student he engages with…

Unlike College Counseling centers that average 14 to 21 day waiting periods to get an appointment, Jeff makes himself remarkably available, often being able to respond to a text or call immediately (because that’s what it takes to be effective)

With over 50,000 hours of experience and clients on four continents, using a sophisticated completely non-therapeutic model, Jeff knows how to connect with today’s high school and college students, and how to advise them in ways that lead to them becoming seriously successful.

Those who work with Jeff during their college years, will be more confident, secure and adept at managing stress, navigating complicated situations and at making wise decisions that lead to a successful launch into college… This is especially critical to proactively address during the first year, as that is when more than 1/3rd of college students drop out or fall significantly behind. 

Just read these testimonials from college students who have recently worked with Jeff.

Your son or daughter can now have this chance too.


Why This Matters So Much

Not having the TWO Essential Things in place during Freshman Year – An academically successful first semester AND the ability to deal with the many distractions of being in college for the first time … can (and often does) prove lethal to their college success.

I can help you make sure both of these pieces are securely in place, beginning before they even leave home for orientation.



When I left for college in 2009 I was excited, but scared. I wasn’t ready to leave my brother behind, I didn’t feel ready to be on my own, I wasn’t sure that once I was outside of the Marin bubble that had been my life for 17 years that I could continue to reduce the noise around me to stay in control. My mother passed away my freshman year and I was okay for a while, then I started to spiral. I needed help to navigate my new life, so I turned to Jeff. We resumed our regular calls and I don’t think I’ve ever articulated (even to him) how much it helped me get back on track.
Sophie, University of Arizona Class of 2014
I went straight into the pledging process, unsure of what lay ahead, and frankly, uneasy about my decision. But it’s college, right? I felt that I had to “live a little”…
Max, University of Georgia Class of 2020
My first semester at USC was a huge shock. The transition from being a big fish in a small (very laid back) pond to being a tiny fish in a massive (extremely fast paced) ocean was stressful to say the least. Having Jeff always just a phone call away may have been the difference between me waiting it out until I eventually grew to love USC and me dropping out or transferring.
Lindsey, USC Cass of 2017
Moving away was really hard for me. I had truly loved my home and suddenly found myself in a totally different part of the country in a totally different culture. First semester I found myself spending more time romanticizing home to my new friends or thinking about how great it would be if I could go to school with all my high school friends. There were times when I found myself feeling incredibly alone and nostalgic and I would call Jeff 5 times a week asking “how could my life have changed so drastically so fast?”
Lucas, Yale University Class of 2020
The time demands being a collegiate athlete Freshman year were a lot to manage on top of classes, having a girlfriend and being involved in theatre. What I did not anticipate was that this acceleration wouldn't allow me to process some very monumental and pivotal moments in my life, good and bad.
Andrei, Sarah Lawrence College Class of 2019
Jeff was, and still is to this day, my go to person when it comes to relationships and dating issues, questions, and general help. His perspective has allowed me to navigate a very challenging and frustrating dating scene that was once very foreign to me. Moving from high school dating in a Suburb to a big city was very shocking, and a major difference was how the dating scene differed from that of a gay high school student to that of a college student within a city.
Dillon, DePaul University Class of 2019
I first met Jeff when I was 20. I had just recently moved back into my parent’s house after a couple of slow years at a community college. I was going through some issues in my life and my parents suggested talking to a guy. I chose to do it, and it turned out to being one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. I wasn’t too hot on the “therapist” type person to talk to, being that I had some experience in the past and they weren’t anything special. I wouldn’t call Jeff a therapist though; he’s much more than that.
Stephen, University of Colorado Class of 2017
Freshman Year the challenges were endless: friendships came and went in a matter of days, my roommate refused to keep our dorm clean, and classes were grueling. Everything, from my personal space to even, at times, my sense of self, felt challenged to the utmost. The worst part was that, as I and most other first-time college students will attest, everybody else seemed to be having more fun than me, and their lives seemed more in control.
Nathan, Northwestern University, Class of 2019

Who: Thoughtful students from forward thinking families.

This is not for just any college student. And it is not just for the student. That is why there is an application process to be accepted in to this very special offer. [The services offered here are at a substantial discount from Jeff’s standard fees.] 

The ones who will receive the most, are the ones who are seeking the most: Quality of relationships, meaningful careers and lives of inner substance, not just material abundance.

Selection to participate in this has nothing to do with being an extrovert or an introvert. Jeff works with college students who are in Sororities and Fraternities who have tons of friends and busy social lives, and with ones who prefer smaller friend groups and more intimate relationships. 

It is the quality of life they want to lead and the deeper values they hold, that matters to be selected to participate in this program.

Who it’s NOT for:

Those who just want to go party hard, play around and delay growing up as much as they can and as long as possible. Experience shows that unless/until crisis hits, those college students will not take advantage of this.

Who This IS for:

My niche specialty is working with the smart, sensitive, thoughtful teens and young adults who are seeking substance in their lives, personally and professionally. Learn more about them on the FAQ page.

How It Works. For college bound high school Seniors all the way to soon to be college graduates.

How it works – Three Options:

  • Flexibly scheduled calls either one per month, once per week or multiple times per week – whichever plan works best to help the college student in your life to hugely succeed.
  • Unlimited availability as needed via text and phone 24/7*
  • Availability to parents

For the input I offer to have the most value, I have to also really know your son or daughter. I have to know their interests, their character traits, what works for them and what doesn’t. I have to know how to say things in a way that makes the most sense to them and give them advice that works for someone like them in the circumstances they are in at the place where they are.

This takes more than just filling out an online survey and it takes more than just giving “Dear Abby” general advice.

To do this, in the beginning, I will have at least three meetings with them in person on the phone or on Skype – at least. They need to get to know me as well… This works because the relationship becomes very authentic to them, and they receive the value that makes a difference in the confidence and success. 

Additionally, I will be available to parents as well. Parents only need to send a text and I will make time to get on the phone with them and offer the input that I can.


Note: This is not a conventional “money for time” arrangement. This is about results. I’m so confident of my track record of helping my clients succeed, that I guarantee the success of anyone I accept into this program, no questions asked. Here’s how my simple guarantee works:

If your son or daughter winds up leaving school and not returning for their second semester for ANY reason of their own doing, I will either:

a) Refund completely the money you invested in this with me
– or –
b) Work with your son or daughter for the next semester FOR FREE, with the intention of helping them to get on track and launched to success.


If your son or daughter and parents both decide this was of no value to them, I will refund your investment.


The things We’ll talk About!

Relationships: From living with roommates to working with new classmates to adjusting to college dating, to rapidly changing friend groups, to trying to sustain a long distance high school relationship… Questions about what to do, what to say, how to interpret and react, etc. are a primary source of distraction and stress for college students. More than half the calls I get are related to this. Most of my clients say this help alone made the difference in them making through their first semester successfully.

Life Direction:From deciding on career path to where they want to live, and figuring out how to get there Life Direction questions must be answered wisely, or they lead to unnecessary delays in the progress towards graduation

Managing social life:From which organization to join (like whether or not to `go Greek’), to staying safe and smart at parties, to dealing with social politics… being smart, savvy and forward thinking makes a huge difference

Leaving Home:Missing friends and home, adjusting to life in a new environment, all can be tough and are often made a lot worse by not knowing how to compartmentalize and stay focused.  

Health and Wellness: From getting enough sleep to avoiding the timeless “Freshman 15”, being disciplined about diet, sleep, substance use and exercise is critical.

Managing time and college grading: What sinks many freshmen is the transition from high school’s daily classes and teacher reminders, to a syllabus and grades based on a few quizzes and a final.
In college they need to seek out extra help, utilize office hours and manage the different bureaucracies and personalities.

Problems back home: Not being there when things are happening to people they care about is a huge emotional burden.